SVC Series Evaporative Condenser

Short Description:

The series of evaporative condensers can also be transported in containers. SVC series evaporative condenser is also very convenient to maintain, and the shell plate on both sides of the fan can be removed, easily access to the whole belt drive system.

Product Detail

VC/SVC series evaporative condenser adopts the design of air blowing type, centrifugal fan is installed at the bottom of the equipment and integrated with the water disc, this series of evaporative condenser noise is very small because the use of belt drive system, suitable for noise sensitive occasions. The centrifugal fan can eliminate static pressure loss and is suitable for indoor installation. 

SVC Series Evaporative Condenser-1
SVC Series Evaporative Condenser-2
SVC Series Evaporative Condenser-3

SVC series applicable conditions:

Refrigerants: R22, R717, ect.

The water quality of cooling water should meet the requirements

of GB50050 "design specification for treatment of industrial

circulating cooling water".


SVC series operation schematic diagram:

SVC series operation schematic diagram

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