STC Series Evaporative Condenser

Short Description:

STC series evaporative condenser adopts the top suction design, the axial flow fan is installed on the top, and the motor drives the impeller directly.

Product Detail

The four sides of the equipment can enter the wind, the top suction, the use of counter-flow design, with the heat transfer is relatively large but the size of the design is relatively small.

The axial fan mounted on the top of STC series evaporative condenser can be easily removed for easy transportation and maintenance.

STC Series Evaporative Condenser-1
STC Series Evaporative Condenser-2
STC Series Evaporative Condenser-3

STC series applicable conditions

Refrigerants: R717, R22 and other CFCS

Exhaust heat600~5400(kW)

The water quality of cooling water shall meet the requirements of

GB/T 50050 "design specification for treatment of industrial

circulating cooling water".


STC series operation schematic diagram

STC series operation schematic diagram

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