SLC Series Evaporative Condenser

Short Description:

SLC series evaporative condenser is compact in design and has been assembled before transportation, thus saving transportation costs and the higher costs required for on-site assembly.

Product Detail

SLC series evaporative condenser adopts the design of air blowing, and adopts the centrifugal fan with belt drive on the side of the equipment for air blowing, which has the characteristics of low noise, low height and convenient container transportation. The belt drive part of the equipment can be easily maintained from the outside, and the inspection hole is opened on the side of the box, so that the equipment can be easily entered into the inside for maintenance. This series evaporative condenser is the most convenient maintenance in several series.

SLC Series Evaporative Condenser-1
SLC Series Evaporative Condenser-2
SLC Series Evaporative Condenser-3

SLC Series Applicable Conditions:

Refrigerants: R22, R717, etc

The water quality of cooling water should meet the

requirements of GB50050 "design specification

for treatment of industrial circulating cooling water".


Operating schematic diagram of SLC series

Operating schematic diagram of SLC series

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