SEC Series Evaporative Condenser

Short Description:

SEC series evaporative condenser has maintenance channel inside the equipment, Maintenance personnel can easily and quickly change the water baffle, PVC heat exchange filler, etc, it is easy to inspect and maintain for the fan motor (simple ladder for optional accessories).

Product Detail

SEC series evaporative condenser uses suction type design, and adopts top mounted axial flow fan and secondary PVC heat exchange filler, which is the most efficient heat exchange equipment in all series. However, the whole equipment has a large size, and it is generally used in chemical industry, steel, coal, medicine, food processing, beer and other fields.

SEC Series Evaporative Condenser
SEC Series Evaporative Condenser-2
SEC Series Evaporative Condenser-3

SEC series applicable conditions:

Refrigerants: R717, R22 and other CFCS

Heat output: 320~2490 (kW)

The water quality of cooling water should meet the

requirements of GB50050 "design specification for

treatment of industrial circulating cooling water".

Operating schematic diagram of SEC series:

SEC series applicable conditions

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