• Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship

    Sea Water Flake Ice Machine for Ship

    According to classification society standards, our sea water flake ice machine for ship is specially designed for maritime ice making. With super anti-corrosion property, it utilizes seawater directly to make ice and is therefore an ideal tool for deep-sea fishing.

  • Plate Ice Evaporator

    Plate Ice Evaporator

    Plate ice evaporator mainly fall into two kinds, namely, aluminium alloy and stainless steel Evaporator. Plate ice evaporator adopts direct expansion systems and R22, R507A, R404A or ammonia(R717) as cooling medium.

  • Slurry Ice Machine

    Slurry Ice Machine

    Slurry ice is soft and has smaller ice crystals that precool fish quickly and keep them fresh. In combination with the delivery system, slurry ice is easily pumped to multiple locations.

    Slurry ice machine is designed for long life and low maintenance. From fishing boats to onshore, we have a wealth of experience and solutions.

  • Raking Type Automatic Ice Storage

    Raking Type Automatic Ice Storage

    Snowkey raking type automatic ice storage falls into two types: containerized and combined type. Movable and easy to install, they are designed with a storing capacity ranging from 18 tons to 200 tons.

  • Common Ice Storage

    Common Ice Storage

    The cold storage panels for cold storage room construction are available with custom-made length, width, height, and surface layer material, so as to meet users’varied application demands. We promise the final cold room has high quality and high reliability.

  • V Type Ice Storage

    V Type Ice Storage

    The ice storage bin is specially designed with double insulated layers. There is an air circulation layer around the ice. Even when ice storage bin is full of ice there is a cooling device equipped to keep the ice storage temperature at- 5 - – 8, to keep the ice dry and crisp.

  • Small Size Ice Storage

    Small Size Ice Storage

    The ice storage is made up of inner plate and outer sealing plate, stainless steel, meeting hygiene requirement.

  • Ice Bagging Machine

    Ice Bagging Machine

    The whole packaging machine and belt conveyor need to be made of stainless steel 304 and meet the food grade requirements.

  • SEC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SEC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SEC series evaporative condenser has maintenance channel inside the equipment, Maintenance personnel can easily and quickly change the water baffle, PVC heat exchange filler, etc, it is easy to inspect and maintain for the fan motor (simple ladder for optional accessories).

  • SRM-TEC Compressor Unit

    SRM-TEC Compressor Unit

    SRM-TEC-The inventor and leader of screw compressor

    100-year legacy of technical quality& energy efficiency.

    More than three million screw compressors all over the world are technologically licensed by SRM.

  • SLC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SLC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SLC series evaporative condenser is compact in design and has been assembled before transportation, thus saving transportation costs and the higher costs required for on-site assembly.

  • SVC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SVC Series Evaporative Condenser

    The series of evaporative condensers can also be transported in containers. SVC series evaporative condenser is also very convenient to maintain, and the shell plate on both sides of the fan can be removed, easily access to the whole belt drive system.

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