Evaporative Condenser

  • SEC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SEC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SEC series evaporative condenser has maintenance channel inside the equipment, Maintenance personnel can easily and quickly change the water baffle, PVC heat exchange filler, etc, it is easy to inspect and maintain for the fan motor (simple ladder for optional accessories).

  • SLC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SLC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SLC series evaporative condenser is compact in design and has been assembled before transportation, thus saving transportation costs and the higher costs required for on-site assembly.

  • SVC Series Evaporative Condenser

    SVC Series Evaporative Condenser

    The series of evaporative condensers can also be transported in containers. SVC series evaporative condenser is also very convenient to maintain, and the shell plate on both sides of the fan can be removed, easily access to the whole belt drive system.

  • STC Series Evaporative Condenser

    STC Series Evaporative Condenser

    STC series evaporative condenser adopts the top suction design, the axial flow fan is installed on the top, and the motor drives the impeller directly.

  • Evaporative Condenser

    Evaporative Condenser

    Condenser is one of the main switching equipment of the refrigeration system. Its function is to cool the high temperature and the superheated gas into the liquid refrigerant.

    1.Snowkey special Sealing technology

    2.Using Japan technology, the United States imports high temperature polyurethane sealant with high/low temperature resist feature,after the solidification, smooth appearance, nice shrinkage, To achieve long-time leak-proof effect, this technique is used in all the series.