Direct- cooling block ice machine

Short Description:

Our block ice machine is specially suitable to be applied in low-latitude countries for industrial cooling, ocean fishing, food storage, ice sculpturing and more.

Snowkey provides an excellent solution for the production of block ice either by brine cooling or by direct cooling.

Product Detail

Direct- cooling block ice machine

●  Stable and energy-saving system design, simple operation and low failure rate.

●  PLC control, automatic water supply, automatic ice removal and automatic ice- out.

●  High output, fast freezing time, high density, hard, and not easy to dissolve.

●  Modular design, small footprint, less on-site installation working.

●  No use of brine, no strong corrosive problems such as salt water.

●  Clean and edible block ice.

●  Can be equipped with automatic ice storage, ice delivery, crushed ice and ice packaging system to save manpower and improve efficiency.

Direct- cooling block ice machine

Containerized direct- cooling block ice machine

ISO standard 20or 40container, easy to move.

No need plant construction, small footprint.

Plug- ready.

Modular type, contact constructure, plug ready.

Hygienic aluminum plate evaporators to make the  block ice clean and hygienic.

Optimize the design of the refrigeration system, stable operation and less failure.

Hot gas defrosting, efficient and fast, weak system impact, excellent safety.

Unattended operation.

40containerized direct-cooling block ice machine maximum production is 20T/day.

Containerized direct- cooling block ice machine

Technical parameters for direct- cooling block ice machine

Unit Nominal condition Performance parameters
Model Condensing type Condensing
Evaporator dimension
DB10A Air cooling 43 -20 1 7052 10.3 2750 1700 1150 1700
DB25A 2.5 17630 16.3 2750 1800 1800 3500
DB50A Evaporative cooling 40 -20 7 35260 30 4200 1800 1800 5300
DB75E 7.5 52890 42.5 4200 2200 2500 7500
DB100E 10 70520 54.7 5200 2200 2500 12000
DB150E 15 105780 97.2 7550 2150 2500 18000
DB200E 20 141040 121.5 8350 3300 2500 25000
DB250E 25 176300 146.5 7850 2950 3200 28000
DB300E 30 211560 171.2 8200 3300 3200 34000

Note: Machine size will be modified depending on block ice size.

Power supply: 380V/3P/50HZ, other can be customerized.

Standard working conditions: ambient temperature 33 ℃, wet bulb temperature 25℃, inlet water temperature 20℃.

Refrigerants type: R404A, R507A.

Ice production and ice machine size can be customized.

Due to technical improvements, the above data is subject to change without notice.

Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine

Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine-1
Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine-2
Aluminum Plank Block Ice Machine-3

Aluminum plank block ice machine employs aluminum evaporator which fully meets the hygienic requirements.

1. Optimized cooling system. Our aluminum plank block ice machine uses refrigerant hot gas ice unloading, ensuring stable operation and high deicing efficiency.
2. Unattended operation available. Our product is fully automated, being able to work as long as it connected water and electricity.
3. Various specifications available. We provide various machines with different specifications to meet any of your needs. Currently, it has been widely used in food processing, fish industry, edible ice and other industries.

Key Parameters
Capacity: 1000kg-20,000kg per day
Refrigerating capacity: 2374kCal-284,820kCal per day
Motor: 3HP-280HP

Operating conditions
Power Requirements: International general standard of the whole system of electric power supply
Standard working conditions of ice production: water supply temperature 20 ℃, ambient temperature 33 ℃
Applicative operating mode, water temperature 0 to 35 ℃, ambient temperature 5 ~ 40 ℃
Refrigerant: R404A,R507A

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