Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit

Short Description:

Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit can run for more than 26,000 hours without failures and produce more ice. Our product employs modular design, being able to install in the container. Our Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit is widely used in concrete cooling, dyestuff, aquatic products processing, seafood preservation and other fields.

Product Detail

Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit

Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit-1
Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit-2
Containerized Flake Ice Machine Unit-3


1. Being able to work well at a temperature of 5 ~40 ℃. Specialized model can bear extreme temperatures (-30℃~-60℃).
2. Constant temperature. Our products are equipped with vane cooling device to constant the temperature and against outside influence.
3. Simple maintenance. The replace needed parts can be easily changed because of our modular design.
4. Reliable electronic control system form Siemens, Schneider, etc., reducing the maintenance costs.

Key Parameters
Ice Capacity (Per Day)10,000kg-103,000kg
Ice Amount2374kCal-284,820kCal
Compressor Power3HP-280HP

Design conditions
Power supply requirements: International standard power supply.
Standard ice production conditions: water supply temperature 20℃the highest temperature 60℃.
Applicable condition: water temperature 0~35℃ambient temperature 5~60℃

Standard configuration of FIP
1. Outside is standard white 20/40 feet new container, inside is equipped with air conditioner, illumination and aluminum alloy floor;
2. Refrigeration compressor unit is semi-hermetic screw or piston compressor;
3. Evaporative condenser with double speed fan;
4. Flake ice evaporator with water tank and water pump;
5. Necessary refrigeration system control and protect components and refrigeration pipe line connection;
6. Necessary refrigeration system control and protect components, refrigeration line connection;
7. The interface with the ice storage for operation and alarm signal connection;
8. Electrical control components and electric box. Automatic control.
9. Factory test



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