Air Cooler

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The product is applicable for use in food processing workshops, various cold storage rooms with temperature between 10℃ and 30℃, quick frozen equipment with temperature from -45℃ to -30℃, and more fields. It has high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, light weight, small installation space, and more features.

1.Durable material with slim but rigid enclosure hard gloss powder coated finish

2.Coil block made from robust fins to withstand the cleaning processes

3.Water drain tray design with slope towards the drainage to minimize the water in tray Double drip tray for low temporator madel

4.100% leakage tested at 31 bar

Product Detail

Air cooler for CO2

Air cooler for CO2-1
Air cooler for CO2-2
Air cooler for CO2-3

Air Cooler for Quick-freezing

Air Cooler for Quick-freezing-1
Air Cooler for Quick-freezing-2

Air cooler for Freon

Air cooler for Freon-1
Air cooler for Freon-2

Air cooler for ammonia

Air cooler for ammonia-1
Air cooler for ammonia-2

Housing :
The housing of the cooling fan is coated with white epoxy paint, and hence is corrosion resistant and has elegant appearance. Almost all fasteners are made of stainless steel to ensure corrosion resistance. The frame panel and the water pan are also fixed using stainless steel bolts, and are convenient for fixing and dismantling. According to clients' demands, we can offer stainless steel housing.

Cooling Coil :
The cooling coil is made up of pipes with outside diameter of 20mm. Specially designed corrugated fins are available, and they offer 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, or combined space between each other. All these design makes sure the cooling fan has reduced air resistance, improved air distribution, and increased heat transfer effect.

Fan and Motor :
The device adopts a low noise, maintenance free axial flow fan with an external rotor, and the fan supports air suction. The motor has a protection grade up to IP54. The working temperature ranges from -50℃ to 100℃.
For the purpose of protecting the motor, the terminals of the motor thermosensor are connected to the control circuit of the motor contactor. This also allows the motor to operate normally under humid and low temperature conditions.
Users have to notice that the different models of cooling fans have motors with varied specifications. The motor's power consumption is also varied in low temperature or different voltage drop circumstances.

Low Noise :
At one meter distance from the device, the operation noise is up to standard. There is a small noise level difference at different distances, due to the small sound absorbing capacity of cold storage rooms. If clients have special requirements on the air cooler's operation noise, please contact us directly.

Defrosting Methods :
Water defrosting or electric heating defrosting methods are available. The water defrosting system is mainly made up of a water distribution tray with holes. It features uniform water distribution, and good water defrosting effect. The electric defrosting system is designed with U shaped electric heating tubes which are uniformly placed between the finned coils and in the bottom water pan. This system offers uniform heat transfer and fast defrosting.

Pressure Test and Cleaning :
Before leaving factory, all the cooling fans undergo 2.4Mpa pressure test, and then the interior of the coil pipes are cleaned so as to remove the impurities and oil stain.

Package :
Wooden case packaging is available. We will provide all models of products with suitable package. The water drainage pipe and the air cooler are separately packaged.

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